Who are the people reported as compensated in Part VII of the GiveMN Form 990?

IRS Form 990 requires organizations to report the salaries of several groups of people, including their board of directors. On Part VII of GiveMN's Form 990, you will see our board of directors and executive director listed.

Our board of directors serve as volunteers and are not compensated. However, because GiveMN is an affiliate of The Saint Paul Foundation, the IRS requires us to include salaries of any of our board members who also serve as staff members for The Saint Paul Foundation. These board members are not GiveMN employees and their salaries are not paid by GiveMN. But because they serve on our board and are part of our affiliate organization, their salaries, which are paid by The Saint Paul Foundation for their work on behalf of the Foundation, must be reported on the GiveMN Form 990. 

The other person listed in Part VII of GiveMN's Form 990 is our executive director. The executive director's salary is set by our board using local industry-standard practices and national community foundation data, and is reviewed every two years. 

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