May I request a refund for a donation I made through

As stated in our terms and conditions:

Donations made on are final, irrevocable and non-refundable. Should a refund be granted in the discretion of GiveMN, its delegates or a DAF, such refund shall not be construed as setting a precedent. Donations are considered complete for purposes of this refund policy as soon as you submit the donation through the Website. Requests for refunds should be made by sending an email as soon as possible after the donation was made to with the words “Refund Request” in the subject line and a detailed description of the donation and the reason you are requesting a refund. We will make efforts to timely respond to refund requests, however, we make no promises that we will respond or that a refund will be made. If we determine a refund is appropriate we may refund all or part of your donation and may withhold transaction fees incurred in obtaining the refund.

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