September 2016 Update Release


Code deployment and site updates are scheduled beginning September 20, 2016.


Key Enhancements

Mobile Interface is built with a responsive design to optimize the user experience for mobile and tablet browsing in addition to desktop browsing. The GiveMN mobile interface has been updated on all Organization, Project, and peer-to-peer Fundraiser pages with the following enhancement:

Fully Responsive Image & Video Carousel

  • Donors will now see the same images, videos, and captions on the mobile and tablet version of Organization, Project, and peer-to-peer Fundraiser pages as they do on the desktop version.


Fixes & Changes

"My Account" Link Visible in Mobile Interface

  • Donors can now find their personal GiveMN Donor Accounts more easily through the header menu on when using the responsive version of the site on mobile and tablets browsers.

Facebook Sharing Tools Fixed

  • Corrected an issue in the "Share This Page" tools that was sharing Organization page information when Project and peer-to-peer Fundraiser pages where shared. Each Facebook Share button now uses the information from the page that is being shared.

Donation Detail Report Error Fixed

  • Corrected an issue in the Donation Details Report incorrectly reflected whether or not a donor paid the processing fee on the second or later recurrence of a recurring donation. The report now correctly reflects that after the first payment of a recurring donation when a donor may choose to pay the processing fee or not, that choice will not apply to subsequent recurrences.


Known Issues

The following issues related to the key enhancements, changes, and fixes included in the September 2016 Update Release are known to the GiveMN technology team and will be addressed in future releases.

'Pay the Processing Fee' Option for Recurring Donations

  • With this feature release, donors how have the option to pay the processing fee in addition to their donation, ensuring that 100% of their donation is disbursed to the organization.
    • Known Issue: Currently, only the first transaction of a recurring donation is impacted by a donor's choice of "Yes" to 'pay the processing fee.' All recurring transactions will be assessed the processing fee as though the donor had chosen "No."
    • Future Development: The GiveMN technology team is working to improve this feature so that the option selected by the donor at the time of their first donation is maintained for each recurrence of that donation.


Future Releases

Additional enhancements, fixes, and changes are in development for release in Fall 2016 in preparation for Give to the Max Day. Watch the GiveMN Help Team's Platform Release Notes area for details.

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